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Our team of trained technicians have worked on every type of Land Rover and Range Rover there is. This vast experience allows us to complete the service work on your vehicle to the highest possible standard in the quickest possible time.
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Range Rover Service Packages

Range Rover manufacturer recommendations suggestes bringing your car into Range Rover service center every 8000km or 6 months for A minor service, and every 15000km or 12 months for a major service.

Range Rover Minor Service

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Range Rover Major Service

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Range Rover Brakes Service

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we know how important it is to keep your vehicle on the move and performing at its best. That's why we are offering Range Rover Service Plans, specifically designed to keep the maintenance of your vehicle both cost-effective and convenient. Every time you visit us for servicing and maintenance support, you can benefit from cost savings, as we deliver a number of exclusive aftersales offers.

Why it's important to service Range Rover regularly

Ensure Safety and Prevent Malfunctioning
The main reason for regularly servicing of your car is to secure you, your family, and others who are travelling on the road. Faulty steering and braking systems, low level of fluids, worn out windshield wipers and other car-related problems which may causes serious accidents while travelling. By servicing your car on a regular basis. Mechanics may find problems and fix them before they become bigger and saving you from a roadside emergencies and accidents.
Increase Car Performance
Regular keeping an eye on your car’s fluids, oil and internal mechanics ensures decrease in the internal wear and increases overall car performance. A well-maintained car always provides a more responsive, smoother ride, allowing you to get the most out of your car.
Ensure Fuel Efficiency
A great cause of thinking for car owners is mileage and the amount of fuel their car uses. A car running which is low at fuel efficiency uses more fuel and more importantly money you used to pay for it. Regular servicing of your car along with changing oil on a regular basis ensures that your car is somewhat saving your money.
Increase Resale Value
Keeping your car in best possible condition is crucial if you decide to sell. The most important aspect of your car is that a buyer looks for its condition and performance which you can prove through your maintenance record automatically made for you when you used Navicarna app to service your car. A well-maintained car will not only sell for a higher money but also it will be easy to sell.

We Use Castrol EDGE

Castrol EDGE Professional is designed to perform and that’s why it is exclusively recommended by Range Rover for use in its vehicles. Castrol has been Land Rover’s official lubricant technology for well over a decade and the companies have worked together to create an oil that is fitted at the factory and co-engineered to deliver maximum performance.

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